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AAEC Writing Workshops - The cost to attend these workshops is $175 per person / per day



Fall 2024 Workshops

On-Demand Writing: Building Effective Communicators


              COMING IN AUGUST...dates and locations!


On-Demand Writing: Building Effective Communicators


School districts across this commonwealth are currently defining their own Portrait of a Learner and Profile of their Graduate by specifically targeting skills that build effective communication.   In fact, our On-Demand writing lessons and strategies span the gamut of characteristics specific to the KDE Portrait of a Learner. Now, more than ever, on-demand is still an important assessment of our students’ ability to write independently in the real world, and we must provide our writers (and teachers) with tools to be able to do this. 


  Issues to be addressed, but not limited to, will include

  • A step-by-step approach to teaching students to be independent writers

  • Modeled lessons for teaching students how to write argumentative essays and how to support their argument

  • How to teach students the tenets of a complete argumentative essay and how to evaluate their own supporting details, as well as the support provided by their peers

  • How to carry these skills into life situations and to understand how these skills will benefits them for life


Students will be able to improve writing prompt analysis, planning and execution through use of strategies that illicit 

  • Active listening skills

  • Productive discussions leading to solutions

  • Adjusting messages according to content, purpose, and the needs of their audience

  • Conveying their own ideas clearly in verbal, written, visual and digital forms


Participants will receive

  • Electronic versions of all materials and access to a full google folder. A google folder that includes workshop trainers’ notes enabling them to return to their school and train others

  • Practical, useful strategies that can be used immediately in their classrooms

  • An opportunity for teachers to learn and use new tools by practicing with them in a safe, non-threatening environment


These workshops will fill up fast, and we must limit the number of participants, depending on the size of the room.  

48-hour notice for any cancellation of a registration.  We will likely have a waiting list so without notice your district will be charged for the seat which could have been filled.


Effective Instructional Leadership Credit (6 Hours) is available for this workshop.

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