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More testimonials

"As a new teacher I have felt very lost when thinking about how to approach ODW.  After this conference, I feel amply prepared to return to my classroom with a new outlook and a toolbox full of knowledge to inform my pedagogy." 

                                                                        Mitzi Phelan

                                                                        Shelby County High School Shelby County


"These ladies have been in the trenches and know what's up.  Their knowledge and enthusiasm is encouraging and contagious."

                                                                        Sarah McPeek

                                                                        Crawford Middle School Fayette County


"I really loved the strategies.  I'm excited to try them with my students.  The 3.8 paragraph is great! Thanks!"

                                                                        Elesha Allen

                                                                        West Perry Elementary School  Perry County


"I love actionable trainings.  I am going back to my school with strategies that are going to help my kids succeed."

                                                                        Maggie McConnaha

                                                                        East Shelby Middle School  Shelby County


"Engaging, practical strategies to develop and grow writers.  Engaging presentation format, too!"

                                                                        No name


"I was skeptical of the usefulness of a workshop covering all grades K-12.  This one provided strategies that were useful at all grades and are easily adaptable for different levels."

                                                                        Dana Gerber

                                                                        Martha Layne Collins High School  Shelby County

"This is an incredible training for a first year teacher who is overwhelmed by on-demand writing!"

                                                                        Cierra Hawkins

                                                                        Toliver Intermediate School  Danville Independent

"Great strategies to take back tomorrow and keep in my bank for next year."

                                                                        Sarah Roos

                                                                        Simpsonville Elementary School  Shelby County

"I can't wait to take these ideas back to the classroom!  Thank you!"

                                                                        Kristen Martin

                                                                        Heritage Elementary School  Shelby County

"Loved it!"                                                    Renae Kennedy

                                                                        Crawford Middle School  Fayette County

"Ready to use mini lessons addressing needs :-)"

                                                                        No name

"Love the resources to take back and use tomorrow!"

                                                                        Misty Brock

                                                                        Daniel Boone Elementary School  Madison County

"Effective lessons and activities to engage writers are appreciated!"

                                                                        Tracy Gayle

                                                                        Wright Elementary School  Shelby County

"So appreciate your flexibility and allowing us to make up this session! Fantastic Training! Ready to go back and change the world."

                                                                        No name

"This was an excellent training!  I feel so much more prepared to go and instruct my students.  I am looking forward to making my writing classroom better for my students!"

                                                                        No name

"The teaching strategies I learned will be used in my classroom and I can't wait to see how they will positively affect my students' success."

                                                                        Lisa Farley

                                                                        Worthington Elementary School 

                                                                        Raceland-Worthington Independent

"We had Abell and Atherton training this year in Floyd County and it was great!  I highly recommend Debby and her team."

                                                                         Serena Anderson
                                                                         Executive Officer of Instruction
                                                                         Floyd County Schools

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