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Workshops presented by Debby Atherton, Holly Elmore and/or Andrea Isaacs

School Workshop


District Workshop

$2,000/day (6 hours in-person) plus mileage and lodging (2 rooms) if necessary.

Up to 60 school participants

2 Consultants

*Two small schools, within the same district, may combine efforts for one “School Workshop” to share costs.


$3,000/day (6 hours in-person) plus mileage and lodging (2 rooms) if necessary

2 Consultants

*All workshop costs are calculated for up to 60 participants. Total district participants can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Debby:     Office  502-538-3560 or cell 502-819-3560

Ask about our two-hour virtual “On-Demand Writing” Workshops for smaller groups.

School Administrators,

Is your staff in need of a quick “refresher” for Abell & Atherton On-Demand Writing instructional strategies?  Do you have a few new teachers who need to be introduced to our strategies, but don’t want to take them away from their classrooms for a school day?  Would you be interested in a 2-hour, after school virtual session, with our consultants, to accomplish this?  During the pandemic, we began to offer these two-hour, after school sessions, and they became very popular.  Each two-hour session scheduled also includes an extra hour of virtual follow-up time with our consultants.  Time to ask questions about the processes and even get some feedback on student work.  These quick virtual sessions also save you travel and lodging cost for your teachers.  Please give us a call if you have any questions or interest in scheduling a 2-hour after school virtual workshop, for your faculty or even a few new teachers.

502-819-3560 or 502-538-3560

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